22nd Edition
India’s Largest HAND TOOLS

Yashobhoomi, Dwarka
India International Convention & Expo Centre (IICC)
New Delhi


The Indian Hand Tools and allied products market is showing clear signs of moving from a price-sensitive bracket to a quality-conscious era and an “industry” or “application” oriented requirements. The growth in Industry sectors like Aviation, Heavy Engineering, Automobile/ Auto Service, Gardening / Horticulture, Woodworking & Furniture, Construction / Infrastructure has necessitated a growing need for quality / specialty tools. 

Personnel / Workers in the Manufacturing, Operations Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul in above mentioned industry sectors are now seeking quality and high-end and special Hand Tools, Power Tools, Specialty Tools, Fasteners and allied products. 

Trends in the Industry (for Hand Tools, Power Tools, Fasteners and Specialty Tools)

  • 1.) India’s Aviation MRO market was worth US$ 1.7 billion in 2021 with the likelihood of touching US$ 4.0 billion by 2031.
  • 2.) The regular launches of high-tech and latest models of cars and commercial vehicles being manufactured in India, has necessitated the need for sophisticated tools and equipment in automobile / commercial vehicle factories, auto garages / service stations and 2-wheeler, cars and commercial vehicles dealer outlets.
  • 3.) The growing need for the upkeep and maintenance of Botanical gardens, Zoological Parks, Wildlife sanctuaries, City Parks/Gardens, Gated Communities, IT Parks etc has also raised the demand for both sophisticated and basic Gardening / Horticultural Tools. The Forestry department too has need for high tech garden and horticulture tools for the upkeep on the forests.
  • 4.) The Building Construction / Infrastructure industry in India not only needs high-end construction equipments, machinery and vehicles, but also specialty hand tools, power tools & fasteners.
  • 5.) Furniture Manufacturing / Woodworking industry (both from organised and unorghanised sectors) are on the lookout for quality carpentry and woodworking tools and power tools and screws and fasteners.
  • 6.) The Heavy Engineering industry - Railways, Ship Building, Oil & Gas, Marine etc are in the need of quality tools for their regular production requirements and their MRO needs.
  • 7.) Importers, Distributors and Retailers of Hand Tools, Power Tools, Fasteners are looking to stock these high-end and specialty tools, to cater to the needs of the Industry and their clients.